The Modern Asana Mindset

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The Modern Asana Mindset


Estimated to launch this fall. Stay tuned for updates!

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So you are a yoga teacher, and you want to expand your knowledge of anatomy and movement, but you just don’t know where to start.

↠  You may be feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to learn...
↠  Confused about which sources to trust...
↠  Alone in your struggle...
↠  And anxious about doing the wrong thing and potentially hurting your students.
↠  You feel stuck, but you know there must be an easier way through this.

my friend, you've landed in the right place! it's time to end the struggle.


I gotta say, I can completely relate to those feelings, because thats exactly how I used to feel.

And now, I am living my life’s dream to help dedicated teachers like you feel confident, secure, and well-rounded in your asana teaching.

I am beyond thrilled to share some of the most comprehensive & evidence-rich movement knowledge with you so that your learning journey doesn’t have to be hard anymore.

Actually, it gets to become really, really easy.

So if you’re ready to modernize your asana mindset, then get seriously excited, because this course is your absolute perfect starting point.



In this revolutionary online course, you will learn:

↠  A modern and easy-to-understand perspective on anatomy and movement that will blow your damn mind.

↠  An updated explanation of the role of yoga posture alignment and the do's and don'ts of physical adjustments.

↠  How to assess people's movement patterns so you can effectively help them modify and get the most out of their practice.

↠  How to move past the fear of altering your teaching style and overcome the paralyzing anxiety of "But what if I hurt my students?"

↠  How to make your classes more functional without sacrificing spirituality or flow.
↠  How to create safe, dynamic, and physically sustainable sequences that will set your teaching apart.

This is the anatomy course you wish you had during your teacher training program.

Here, all the pieces just fall into place.


Course supporting materials:

↠  You will get to keep all the weekly course materials (including video lectures, physical practices, and audio + slides) forever!
↠  You'll also gain access to a private Facebook group with me and your fellow trainees. There, you can ask questions, get sequence inspiration, share a-ha moments, and have ongoing group support so you never feel alone in your learning journey!


course outline:

Module 1: Let's talk anatomy, the modern way
Here's where we'll discuss the mind-blowing continuum of the human body and how it relates to movement, flexibility, strength, and tissue health. We'll talk about the differences between mobility and flexibility, the physiology of stretching, and the true role of stretching for building and sustaining healthy movement patterns.

Module 2: Asana + mobility deep dive
This week, we'll chat about where some of the biggest movement gaps exist in traditional asana, and we'll cover some brilliant ways of how to fill them. We'll go over passive and active ranges of motion, the incredible power of isometrics, and how to blow the world of creative sequencing wide open.

Module 3: The nitty gritty
This is where we start to put these concepts into action–by practicing them in our own bodies. We'll first talk about that age-old adage, "If you don't use it, you lose it" and why this relates to our daily yoga practice. Then, we'll do a full movement self-assessment (called CARs, from the FRC thought process) and discuss how this assessment can help us offer our students more informed modifications for their practice.

Module 4: Putting it all together
This week, we'll analyze how some of the more common asana postures are traditionally taught, and then we'll explore ways to repurpose these postures and make them more efficient, dynamic, and sustainable. We'll also chat about the new role of physical adjustments and alignment principles in a modern practice. This is where the creative juices start to flow!

Module 5: Getting back on the teaching mat
This module is all about the internal stuff! We'll talk about how to sequence and implement everything we've learned without feeling like we need to re-invent the wheel. We'll also lift the veil on that very real fear of hurting our students, we'll chat about our good ol' friend 'imposter syndrome', and we'll talk about how to not lose the sacred 'flow' of our teaching when transitioning to a more functional thought process. Here, it all comes full circle!


A little about me:

Hi, I'm Katy. :]

After suffering through multiple yoga-related injuries (despite applying what I learned from yoga anatomy/alignment trainings and using traditional yoga modifications), I got fed up and backed away from both my asana practice and group teaching. I made the decision to dedicate two full years–and thousands of dollars–to become a student in the most cutting edge and revolutionary field of functional movement.

I was hellbent on filling in the gaps of traditional asana teaching methods.

And I did.

I studied with some of the world’s most brilliant doctors, researchers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and fitness instructors.

Then, I went off on my own and worked for hundreds of hours to tie all of this research back into the practice of yoga.

And now, it's time for me to share this wisdom with you.

So scroll to the top, click the button, and get ready to feel the weight lift from your shoulders.

Let's do this thing!



here's what you need to know:

Lucky you! You are one of the very first teachers to get on board with one of the highest quality yoga courses on the interwebs. The course is so new, in fact, that I am still in the building process, so the finer details of the digital format are still being hammered out.

This is what I know for sure:

  • The information in this course is revolutionary. Like, shout-it-from-the-rooftops legendary. It will change the way you see and practice asana forever.

  • The whole course will span between 6-8 weeks. I want to make sure you get the full breadth of the information, but without getting completely overloaded. So the quality of the content will be the same no matter what; it may just take longer to deliver due to the detail of the modules and the necessary time it will take for you to digest each one.

  • This course isn't a scientific fact-dump. The way I teach scientific information is the same way I understand it–and that is by applying it to the overall awareness of movement and how those movements manifest in asana. We won't get too far into the nitty gritty details of cells and tissues (sorry, no PDF printouts of bones and muscles to color in), but you definitely will come out of this course with a global understanding of movement physiology.

  • Furthermore, this course is more than just science. It's also about you and how you can apply this information without feeling completely freaked out by the idea of changing your teaching style or scaring your students away. We'll talk about fear, feelings of lack, imposter syndrome, and all those other things that hold us all back from reaching our potential. This is just as important (if not more so) than the science itself.

  • This course is purposely not applicable towards Yoga Alliance credits. There is so much more to our overall education than YA! In fact, the only reason I gave them my renewal money this year was so I could use my certificate for sweet discounts at local clothing stores. ;]

  • Once you enroll, I will be emailing you periodically, letting you know what to expect for when we start. And don't worry- you can take this whole thing at your own pace. Go through it with the group, or simply get to it when you find the time. No pressure!


are you ready?!

the asana revolution is upon us,

and we are the leaders of the whole damn thing.