private mobility training

»» Do you sit for long periods of time and feel discomfort or aches in your body?
»» Do you feel your muscles are so "tight" that it's difficult to perform everyday tasks?
»» Do you have a regular yoga or fitness practice, but feel there is something missing from your movement program?
»» Do you want to be able to move better as you age?
»» Is your hyper-flexibility causing you pain or weakness? 
»» Do you want to be both stronger and more flexible?
»» Do you want to focus on injury prevention?
»» Can you can move easily in some parts of your body, but other parts feel stiff or inflexible?

If you answer "YES!" to at least one of those questions...

you are not alone!

Hi, I'm Katy, and I can help you get moving, better.

Listen, I know how it feels to not feel good in my body.
I made the big mistakes, focusing on just flexibility or strength
and not both at the same time.
I concentrated on movement techniques that weren't grounded in science,
hoping for physical improvements,
but causing myself discomfort and imbalance instead.

I've gone through the injuries,
the rehab,
and the re-injuries.

I've been through periods of no movement at all
and witnessed what that did,
not just to my body
but to my overall well-being.

I totally understand movement imbalances,
because I have been through them.

but everything changed when I discovered functional movement.

I would dare to say this practice changed my life. 
My yoga practice will never been the same.
My fitness techniques have become intuitive and purposeful.
I feel more confident, more comfortable,
and more balanced in my body than ever before.

and I want to share this wisdom with you.


how it works

Private movement sessions will be completely tailored to your personal needs. We will focus heavily on gaining and maintaining controlled range of motion, improving joint health, and training the central nervous system to help you move more freely and safely. To get there, I will systematically use a whole lot of FRC® and a dash of yoga to provide you with a comprehensive, goals-focused mobility program.

After each session, I'll give you homework that will help you achieve your mobility goals.

In order for you to benefit from the work we do together, you need to empower yourself and be wholly devoted to doing it every damn day.

And remember, I am here to support you! You can email me throughout the week  if you ever have questions about the at-home exercises.


and rest assured...

This movement training isn't based on parlor tricks
or smoke and mirrors –
Just the latest research in human movement and physiology.
All the results you obtain will be real,
and powered by you.

So let's get started.


 £140«»  90-minute Initial Assessment
£850  «»  10 weekly 60-minute sessions (£85 each)
£1600  «»  20 weekly 60-minute sessions (£80 each)

what you get

»» Learn exactly what you need to help improve your mobility, from day one
»» Receive an individualized, research-based movement program made specifically for you
»» Gain deep joint strength as well as develop healthy flexibility
»» Learn specific and simple mobility tools to integrate into your daily routine to help prevent injury
»» Increase and strengthen your usable ranges of motion
»» Develop a tried-and-true meditation practice that will relieve stress and induce relaxation
»» Learn to breathe the right way, helping all physiological systems work better and more efficiently
»» Receive unlimited email support throughout the entire process