hello! i'm katy.

I am a wife, traveler, photographer, and nature-lover, and I am obsessed with movement. I have dedicated my life to sharing research-based mobility practices that will improve quality of life in verifiable and long-lasting ways.

My mission is simple: 

I want to help you move better. 

Whether you are just starting back at the gym and want to feel more confident in your fitness program, are a heavy lifter or desk-sitter looking to intelligently improve their flexibility, or are a yogi wanting to learn to control all available ranges of motion, the style of mobility work I employ is invaluable for preventing injury and maintaining tissue health over a lifespan.

Certified in Functional Range Conditioning®, Kinstretch™, iRest®, and therapeutic yoga, my training approach is light-hearted, straight-forward, and systematic. My aim is to help you take control over your movement health, because having been through the wringer with my own injuries and recovery and then learning a better way, I know that moving better means living better. And living better can change everything for the better. And that genuinely matters to me.